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Winter Continues Grip on U.S.

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A bit of a reprieve for Friday around Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa, but by other standards - It's a brutally cold day elsewhere across the country for tens of millions of Americans. An arctic blast of cold air stretches from Canada down to the Gulf Coast.

It's the worst winter storm to hit the Texas Gulf Coast in years. Schools are closed, power's out, and meteorologist May Kay Kleist of Chicago CBS station, WBBM explains why, saying, "Houston now with that pink ribbon over the area, that's a sleet and snow mix, to the north it's all snow moving into Louisiana."

Ice on the roads was an unusual sight in Austin, Texas this morning, where the normal daytime high in January is in the 60s. Police responded to at least 100 weather related accidents overnight, including a 20 car pile up.

American and Southwest Airlines based here in the Dallas–Fort Worth area are reporting about 200 flight cancellations today. Across the nation, almost 6,300 flights were canceled this week because of severe weather.

In Michigan City, Indiana, workers were still clearing cars, trucks and debris from the chain–reaction crash involving more than 40 vehicles that left 3 people dead.

White out conditions caused the massive pile up on Interstate 94.

In Minnesota, there have been about 400 weather related accidents in the past two days. Forecasters say people from the Great Lakes to the East Coast could get hit with more snow this weekend.