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Ninth Annual RV Show Held At Verizon Wireless Center

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With the bitter cold outside, many people were looking for a way to pass the day inside.

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts attended the ninth annual RV and Outdoor Sports Show at the Verizon Wireless Center.

The event is southern Minnesota's largest indoor RV show.

Organizers say over the years the function has seen some heavy traffic.

Kimberly Kroubetz, event organizer says, "It's growing every year. This year we actually have the banquet hall open as well. Not only do we have the arena packed full of campers to the point they can't fit one more in. We have booth vendors out in the front lobby. Definitely more people, it seems like every year we see in influx in that."

Experts say that in the RV industry January is one of the busiest months...because vacation season is just around the corner.

Today was the last day for the show; the RV's rolled out at five this evening.