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Mankato Residents Prepare For Blizzard

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Minnesota and the rest of the mid–west has had a frigid beginning to the new year.

Mankato Residents tell KEYC News 12's Maytal Levi how they've prepared for the blizzard and below freezing temperatures tomorrow.

Snow trucks, Skid–loaders, and maintenance workers were all out braving the hazardous conditions this morning.

"It's so cold. We've only been standing out here for 30 second, I feel like my nose hairs are frozen."

It all started last night when the snow began to fall.

As of nine A–M this morning most of southern Minnesota was blanketed in a blizzard advisory.

Some locals made arrangements to keep occupied indoors...

Erin Miller, Mankato resident says, "Today we bought a space heater and we bought a pack of puzzles so we can sit around it and just stay inside and do puzzles all day."

Forecasters say it's only going to get colder as we head into Monday's sub–zero temperatures, however Minnesotans don't seem too panicked.

Miller says, "This is very average in fact I think we've gotten off easy this winter. The only thing that's really bad is the cold right now. This is pretty easy going."

While it may seem easy for some... Others say... they're need to be prepared...

"Making sure you have blankets in your car, water bottles, making sure your phone is fully charged just in case something happens to where you're stranded."

For those that will be on the roads tonight... visibility is expected to be less than a mile... with wind gusts of 45 to 50 miles per hour.

Burk says, "Stay home because the roads are clearly not safe and it's just not worth it."

The extreme cold has already caused some school cancellations and possibly flight delays.