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Tom Haraldson Builds Engines As He Nears 90

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LE SUEUR, Minn. -

Tom Haraldson loves to build engines.

And over the past seventeen years, he has created several with the tools available to him.

Tom Haraldson was born on July 7th, 1924, meaning this summer he will be turning 90.

Haraldson says "I made this at age 87," as he points at one of his engines sitting on his kitchen table.

Tom retired 27 years ago from working at the grain elevator in Le Sueur and it was after that he began building these engines.

Haraldson says "1995 I got on there. That's the first one I made."

"I had that one made before my wife died, but I never got it to run."

"Joyce Ann, but she went by the name of Pat. Nobody even called her Joyce Ann, in fact most people didn't know it was her name,"Haraldson said with a heartfelt chuckle. "They thought it was Patricia or something."

But sadly, Tom's wife passed away.

Haraldson says "17 years ago lost September."

"Sometimes you miss her more than you did before, but that's just the way it goes."

But now he occupies this time with his engines. This hobby has led him to create 8 engines now, his knowledgeable hands skillfully sculpting each piece.

And just like his engines, Tom has no intention of slowing down either.

Haraldson says "I fell down and broke my ankle rollerskating when I was 85, I guess."

Colin Oraskovich, the reporter, responds "You were rollerskating when you were 85?"

"Yeah," returns Haraldson. "I like to rollerskate. And then after I got my ankle fixed up my daughter wouldn't go anymore. She was afraid she'd fall down and get hurt and she says 'I can't afford to be laid up.' But I skated out here in my driveway just to prove I could still do it after it healed up."