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Championship Rings Go Through Minnesota

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Minnesota has been short on championship sports teams as of late, but the championship rings for most teams do have a Minnesota tie. 
The supplier of most class rings for the average high school student, also happens to be the main supplier of The Ring... the symbol of being the best, something every great athlete needs if they want to be considered truly great.

And if they get it, odds are a Minnesota company made it for them.
Director of Sports Sales and Marketing for Jostens, Chris Poitras says, "It's a pretty intense process for us. We're really trying to tell the story of the entire season on one of these fabulous rings.
Last year's Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl championship ring - there was 245 diamonds on that, almost 4 carats worth of gems - to tell that unique story."

The company has told that story for 30 of the 47 Super Bowl champions, along with winners of the NBA finals, the Stanley cup, and even NASCAR.

And Jostens own story is uniquely Minnesotan.

"Jostens was founded in Owatonna in 1897 as a watch repair/jewelry company. We still have facilities down there. All our customer service is still headquartered in Owatonna."

While the company awaits a decision from the Seattle Seahawks, they did just nab the contract to make the ring for the champions of Major League Baseball.

"We just announced this morning that Jostens has been selected to produce the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series championship rings - which will be displayed April 4h on Opening Day."