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Carbon Monoxide Ruled Out As Cause of Springfield School Illnesses

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Buildings in the Springfield School District have been given the all clear after dozens of kids became sick yesterday.
One day after several students became ill, the district's superintendent says things are fine.
"We've gone through carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, low oxygen levels...hazardous chemicals, and we're not finding anything," said Keith Kottke, Springfield Public Schools superintendent.
It all started yesterday in the auditorium during a concert practice.
"I felt a little light-headed, so I went to go sit down, and when we left the auditorium, I just felt like I was going to fall," said Sydne Wahl, a 4th-grade student.

Makenna Cook says she also became ill.
"And then I started not feeling well, so I went to the hospital and I had headaches, dizziness and stomach ache," Cook said.
The Minnesota Department of Health says blood results from kids tested negative for carbon monoxide poisoning. The agency adds what happened yesterday is characteristic of psychogenic illness. That's when people get sick after seeing others become ill.
"It was scary because all these people were just freaking out," said Wahl.
The district's superintendent says the buildings did not have carbon-monoxide detectors in them. However, as of today, CO detection has since been added.

School is expected to resume at normal time on Monday.