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Kendricks Arrested in Minnesota Lake

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A man being sought  in connection with a carjacking and standoff last month is in custody.  

Authorities executed a search warrant at a residence on the 200 block of main Street in Minnesota Lake around 2:30 Friday afternoon.

While there, they arrested Thomas Kendricks the Third.

Police had been searching for Kendricks since January 13th, when two suspects carjacked a vehicle near the MSU campus.

The vehicle turned up later in Austin, prompting a standoff there.

Police also wanted to question Kendricks in connection with an armed robbery in Le Hillier.

A 17 year–old was arrested earlier in connection with the carjacking case.

Authorities say a 14–year–old female, who had been missing from Mankato since January 28th, was found with Kendricks at the time of his arrest.