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UPDATE: Crews Respond to St. Clair House Fire

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Three area Fire departments responded to a house fire in Saint Clair early this morning. One person was taken to the hospital with burns on his hands, while one person was able to escape safely. While the cause is still unknown, fire officials say the house is a total loss.    

Crews from St. Clair, Eagle Lake and Pemberton responded to a call from the homeowners at 226 West Main Street in St. Clair, which is only two buildings down from the fire station. When the firefighters arrived, the house was in  flames.  

Troy Goettl says, "We got the call around 5:30, we came up on the scene and the flames were rolling out of the two front windows upstairs. One person was treated for burns to his hands, the renter, the land lord, she's OK."

And while our local viewing area has seen more than enough fires this winter season, the St. Clair fire department has thankfully been less busy.

Goettl says, "This is our first one actually. We had a car fire about a month ago, otherwise this was our first structure fire in six months to a year."

Firefighters say they heard smoke detectors going off. Even though they had a couple of nozzles and pipes freeze up, after a couple hours, they were able to extinguish the flames.