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Mankato West's Tanner Sonnek Named Prep of the Week

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Mankato West junior Tanner Sonnek helped lead the Scarlet swimming and diving team to an undefeated dual season.

"Tanner's been with the team ever since his 8th grader year, says coach Andy Viker. "In 8th grade he thought he was a diver, then he decided to switch over to swimming and it's paid off pretty good."  

"The first time I actually swam was my 9th grade year, so this is my 3rd season but it's been working out pretty well for me."  

"Over the last year he's put in a ton of work. He's gotten noticeably stronger. He came back at the beginning of this season and was right at our pool record, even though we don't swim meets here."

"This very beginning of the season I was already better than last year, so, I was really excited about that." "I was seeded 1st in the state for most of the season and now I'm second... being 2nd I think is probably ideal just because there's something to chase. You can always be faster, you can always be better, and hopefully we can do well as a team this year too."

The Scarlet's performance during the regular season as well as Tanner's drive and determination entering the post season is why he's our KEYC Scheels all sports boys prep-athlete of the week.