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Another Snow Day, Another School Day to Make Up

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Today's snowstorm called area schools out once again. For some districts, this president's day was supposed to be a makeup day.

Now, schools are deciding how to get more time in the classroom.

Today marks the third time Maple River schools have shutdown because of snow.

Maple River Public Schools superintendent, Dan Anderson says, "Today was actually a makeup day for us for one of the other days. It was a little unexpected to get a snow day on a makeup day."

Adding another day's time to be made up, with no formal makeup plan at the moment, the district has a few things to consider. Like, instruction hours, obeying employee contracts while having a limited number of available days.

Anderson says, "We have gone a couple days into June in the past. We have also extended school hours during the school day. We'll just have to see what the rest of winter gives us before we finalize those decisions."

Tomorrow night, Mankato Area public school board will consider taking away three scheduled late start days.

 Mankato Area Public Schools superintendent, Sheri Allen says, "Meaning students will start like every other regular day and we would not have the two hour late starts. By getting back two hours each of those days it gives us back a full day of instruction back into our instructional hours."

With about a month left of the winter season, that's more than enough time for another dumping of snow.

Anderson says, "You never know what the winter's going to give you. So, you just deal with it as it comes."