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Blizzard Leaves Wide-Scale Power Outages In Its Wake

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Strong winds have left many in our area without power.
Benco says there are power outages in Amboy, Vernon Center, Lake Crystal, Good Thunder and St. Clair.
Xcel Energy says more than a thousand customers in the Mapleton, Minnesota Lake and Delavan area had lost power.
And around 8:30 tonight sections of Mankato have lost power as well. 
Violent winds and the blowing snow they cake on to anything exposed to the elements are the likely cause of power outages for hundreds of homes in our area.

About a thousand Xcel customers in the Mapleton area lost power earlier today, with the company saying it's now less than 250.

Meanwhile nearly 500 customers in the Tourtellotte neighborhood are without power since 8:30, with this being the scene along second street in downtown Mankato.

Around 9:45, power went out in Eagle Lake, Waterville and Morristown.

Earlier in the day, Benco Electric said they were preparing for the blizzard in advance, coordinating with all the other companies in the area.
As for Benco customers, officials say two transmission lines, and five substations were down, with problems first starting south of Mankato and rolling east to St. Clair.

They expect those to come back online shortly.

Because it was a transmission line, they say customers still need to call in, in order for them to fix the problem. 
That number for Benco customers is 507-387-7964.