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Second City-Wide Snow Emergency For Mankato

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Lots of road closures overnight and into this morning and for the second time in a week, the City of Mankato called a snow emergency last night.

Crews are cleaning up streets in Mankato pretty well, but travel is still not advised in rural areas. Let's take a look at the current conditions.

A lot of purple scribbled across state. Crews are working hard to improve roadways.

So only travel if you need to.

This video was taken on the edge of North Mankato at the intersection of Carlson Drive and Lookout Drive.

You can see a van got stuck last night due to last night's white out conditions.

Just one road over to the east of North Lookout or Highway 13, Rolling Green Lane in North Mankato.

Public works crews had to bring in the industrial sized snow blower to cut through those massive drifts.

In last night's snow emergency for Mankato, officials tell us that three hundred and twenty two tickets were issued and at this point we don't have a number on how many vehicles were towed, but if you're can't find your car... look to All American Towing in North Mankato.