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Tens of Thousands Lose Power From Storm

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58 thousand people in Minnesota and Wisconsin lost electricity as a result of last night's storm.
Power is back on for most who lost it, with utility companies working out the last few kinks in the grid. 
Crews from several area co-ops were out fixing distribution lines along county road 177 west of St. Clair today.

A much smaller task compared to the transmission line that was breaking all along 169 last night.
Mike Heidemann with Benco Electric says, "Last night we had five substations out of power. It was caused by our transmission line. The 69,000 volt line that feeds our substations was galloping so bad and so violently that it wouldn't stay energized."

That problem impacted the areas of Good Thunder, Vernon Center and Lake Crystal.
Benco says they hope to have power back to all of their customers by tonight.

Meanwhile Xcel customers in Mapleton, Eagle Lake, Waterville, Morristown and Warsaw all lost power last night.

About a thousand customers in Mankato as well in the Tourtellotte area and north of Highway 14, as well as the stretch along Second Street in downtown.

And even with all that damage, we still may have gotten lucky.

Heidemann says, "It actually could have been a lot worse. We could have had poles down and it could have taken a lot longer to restore power. But as it is right now, we should have everybody on tonight."