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Owatonna's Newly-Updated Public Library Holds Re-Grand Opening

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A historical building has been remodeled in Owatonna and re–opened its doors today.

The library is celebrating its 113th birthday today.

The facility also received a major facelift—undergoing a yearlong–remodeling project.

 Mary Kay Feltes, the director of the Owatonna public library says, "We have a lot of people who use the library, last month 16,000 people walked through the door. It's pretty standard for us, so we're pleased that we were able to make room for more."

Edith Zamboni, lifelong library patron says, "It's always been a beautiful building a very homey place, We've gone from childhood with the Dewey Decimal System to computers to post–computers, we're practically daily visitors here."

The newly–updated library is also offering enhanced resources.

Feltes says, "We have new desks, new countertops, new teen room, new facilities, new tools for people."

While those with the library say they are proud to be keeping up with the times...other say they will always remember what it was like many years ago.

Jean Zamboni says, "We go back a long ways, so we can remember when you came in and you got the book stamped and you never let it be a penny over time. Mhmm, those are the things.

The library will be open daily.

The library's renovations were made possible with the help of an approximate 250 thousand dollar grant from the Otto Bremer Bank foundation.

For their hours you can click here.