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Le Sueur Girl Collects Shoes for Needy

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A 10–year old from Le Sueur has started a project to make a difference in the lives of others.Starting in January, Hailey Ehlers  has been collecting shoes for those less fortunate.    

Most parents don't want their kids to copy everything they see on TV.But when 10–year old Hailey Ehlers saw a girl on TV talk about donating shoes to those less fortunate, her mom Dana jumped right in to help head start a project that has grown exponentially. 

Hailey says, "I just saw a girl on TV saying she'd done it, so I thought I could make a difference, too."

Hailey is taking part in a nation–wide program called Soles for Souls.

Hailey says, "You have foot ware and a sole in your shoe, then you have a soul in your heart."

From brand new to slightly used, this is just a sample of the nearly 300 shoes that Hailey has already collected.

Hailey says, "I just thought that people needed  help in the world, needed shoes."

Hailey began her drive in the middle of January and the outpouring of support from Henderson and the surrounding communities has served as a strong message for all.

 Dana says, "We should always help the needy people and people that don't have things. See if you can help them, every little bit helps."

Every little bit, from a 10–year with a big heart.

Hailey will be collecting shoes until the end of the month.Drop off locations include Saint Paul's United Church of Christ and the True Value Hardware store in Henderson.