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Rise In Texting While Driving

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Minnesota -

The number of drivers nationwide who use handheld devices has grown point-two percent according to a recent study done by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis.

Most of us know it's illegal and dangerous, but some people still do it.

A real world study released this month confirms that the number of drivers using electronic devices has grown significantly among drivers age 16 to 24.

Sergeant Jacalyn Sticha with the Minnesota State Patrol says, "A lot of the stats are 16 to 24 year olds, this is that beginning driver."

The Minnesota State Patrol says no one is allowed to text and drive, however adults are allowed to speak on their phones, like this if it doesn't effect their driving, those under 18 aren't allowed to use ANY* type of electronic device while behind the wheel.

Sgt. Sticha says, "As drivers we need to take that responsibility and realize that we're just as distracted as the next person and that we have to limit our distractions and identify them."

The most current yearlong stats show 51 people died and more than 8-thousand were injured due to distracted driving in the state.

Sticha says, "I hope it doesn't take tragedy after tragedy to get it into our heads as drivers in Minnesota that we need very much to pay attention to the roadways."

Authorities remind drivers who text and drive that whatever they need to say can wait.

Distracted driving is a leading factor in crashes each year in Minnesota.

And while most people won't admit to texting while driving, triple A says two out of three drivers do.