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Ice and Snow Still Covers Roads Days After Heavy Snow

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Even though the strong winter storm that left many of us with several new inches of snow is now in the rear–view mirror, many people are still experiencing icy roadways.

Colin Oraskovich says "Most main roadways are in good driving conditions, but some side streets like South Redwood Drive here in Mankato are still slick and may not get the necessary salt to clear them."

Allen Forsberg, the Blue Earth County Engineer, says, "It was a very challenging even because of the amount of wet heavy snow and the falling temperatures. The we heavy snow with traffic volumes especially on our main roads and the roads in and around Mankato compacted that snow into ice and then the temperature plunged."

Tom Zimmerman, the MnDOT District Supervisor, says, "A little bit tougher. A little more snow, the roads got a little more compacted, spend more time getting the roads open because of the heavy drifting we had. So we weren't able to those scraped quite as well, but they're coming."

The city of Mankato is turning to its residents to finish plowing some troublesome spots.

Jim Braunshausen, the Deputy Director of Public Works, says "We are going out in those areas now, residential streets, and doing the intersections, the stop signs...we're kind of on a complaint basis. If we get a complaint, we run out. We have three salt trucks out today addressing complaints."

And all the used salt is leaving our stocks lower than average.

Tom Zimmerman, the MNDoT District Supervisor, says, "Lower than our comfort level is right now. We're in the process of reevaluating where we're at and be doing some reordering, but it's been a little tough this winter on our salt."

Tom Zimmerman, the MNDoT District Supervisor, says, "The sunshine this weekend was a huge help in getting our roads cleared off."