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Mankato City Council Approves Park Resolution

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Tonight, Mankato city council approved a resolution that makes both mountain bikers and dog owners happy.

A month ago, both mountain bikers and dog owners who use the Kiwanis Recreation Area..met to talk out the issue, and today the council approved the changes.

The new amendment forces separation of both communities.

Along with new signage promoting the recent change.

Talk of constructing a fence was also discussed, but was left out at this time. Officials say the area is prone to flooding and are afraid the fence would wash away shortly after if installed.

Again, this rule creates a buffer so mountain bikers and unleashed dogs don't clash.

Representatives from both parties agreed that this should do the trick in preventing further conflicts.

Mankato city manager Pat Hentges says,  "I think the way to go about this is. Let's see how it works first with reasonable separation. If there becomes conflict then the fence needs to go in. But the dogs aren't allowed in the mountain bike trails and the bikers aren't allowed on the woodchip trails."

New wood chip trails will be added to the unleashed dog area.

Both communities will still use the same parking lots.