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'Minne-Sochi' Luge Course Built In Mankato

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Closing ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi are in the books, but one residence in Mankato is keeping the torch lit.

In fact, people there have created an impromptu luge course dubbed 'Minne–Sochi'

And even as temperatures dipped to 17 below zero last night, these friends are making the most of this cold winter.

Another blast of arctic air hit Minnesota, but that didn't stop one house on 6th street in Mankato from enjoying the night.

Layla Pappas, a participant of Minne–Sochi, says "It's amazing. Where else can you go on a night like tonight where it's freezing, but still have so much fun."

Colin Oraskovich says, "We're here at 6th street where they have built their own Sochi snow ramp and are going down in sleds and everything. Why not give it a try?"

"We survived."

Sometimes, however, the runs don't go as well as planned.

And even then, these friends just laugh it off and go again.

The impressive feat of Minne–Sochi is the result of the creative mind of Jordan Wesely, housemates, and friends coming together make the most of winter; their park features an igloo, an arch, and of course the luge track.

Homeowner Jordan Wesely says, "We built this arch a couple of nights ago, it was back [in] those 40 degree weather days and that's why that's iced up pretty hard right now. Everything else is this last week and a couple nights of work. Nothing major."

Nothing major, just scaffolding 12 feet above the ground, a custom–built ramp, and banked turns to keep riders on the track.

"We've always tried to make a luge, never really turned out this good. This is about as best as has ever happened," Wesely says.

The track propels riders downhill around 20 to 25 miles per hour as they fly down the course on sleds, tubes, and even a bike affixed with skies underneath.

Wesely says, "We see a lot of different footage on the news of people's luge tracks and they're pretty lame."

"Hey, can you hold this?" interrupts Jeff Killseim.

"And he just gives me beer to hold this deer all night."

And he held that deer all night, all in the spirit of Minne–Sochi.

Through the night, their own Olympic flame burned eternal, or at least until the tiki torch ran out of fuel, and these friends will make the most of a brutally cold winter.

Wesely says, "If you're sick of the cold, embrace it.

Why wouldn't you be having fun."

"Track maintenance...track maintenance.

The Olympics might be over in Russia, but not here on 6th street, folks."

Pappas says, "It's awesome, it's amazing, it's so much fun."

Wesely says, "Minne–Sochi, 2014. We like to party, have a good time."