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St. Peter Teacher Receives Google Glass

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A St. Peter teacher is bringing the latest technology to her classroom after being chosen to be part of a select group.

And when the school district heard she earned the opportunity to purchase the equipment, known as Google Glass, it jumped right on board.

When you walk into Mrs. Potts' science classroom, you may notice something she's wearing on her face. To some, this may look like safety goggles or even just her own personal glasses, but in reality, it's the latest technological advancement from Google. 

Potts says, "I was very fortunate. For one, the district is good with their technology vision and plan. They have a strong philosophy on how it changes a lot and how it's a part of students' lives and if they want to stay on top of it, and in the know as much as possible."

Students in Mrs. Potts class now have the opportunity to use this equipment, known as the Google glass, that brings the latest technology right to the tip of their eyelids.

Cheyenna Torbenson says, "Because we do a lot of stuff with technology and things in the world get more advance, so it will be easier since we'll learn how to use it."

And a simple voice command...Potts say, "What do monkeys look like?"Can bring video, articles, and photos to the screen, in the blink of an eye because of the glass.

"This is the actual screen I'm seeing."

And while it may look like a toy to some, the impact on the classroom is felt immediately:Potts says, "I think the ease and convenience of it. The fact that it allows me to move around and work with the kids and allows me to keep my hands busy."

And the possibilities are endless.