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Move Snow Away from Foundation

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With spring temperatures slowly coming this way, we're all itching for warmer weather.

But if the heat comes too fast, our basements could end up with water in them.

Luckily our forecast looks like we're on track for a gradual warm up for now, but if a quick meltdown does happen, basement experts urge you to start moving snow around your home's foundation to help prevent disaster.

Andrew Kelley, owner of Basement Solutions in Mankato says, "We realize that can be a real daunting task for some but every little bit of snow that you can move away from the foundation is likely to help you in the long run. We know that a lot of snow is going to melt off the roof and put water real close to the foundation. So every bit that you can move out will really be helpful."

The reason why Kelley says it's a good idea to do that is because the soil around your house is warmer than other surrounding soil.

That warmer ground is much easier for water to seep through. Making it easy for that water to go straight into your basement.

KEYC News 12 meteorologist, Jack Gerfen says, "So if we get a melt and we have all this water, it can't get sucked down to the ground and it's going to runoff. The good news is that runoff is going to run down into the rivers, no problem. The problem is, it's not going into the ground at all, so that means that peoples basements and street flooding could become a huge issue."

Kelley says, "An early meltdown is going to send a lot of water down to those basements and if you can move that snow out farther, it may be well worth the effort."

Kelley says a lot of these things can be forgotten as we're all anxious for spring, but he suggests that you check to make sure your sump pump is in working order, now.

Also, placing your downspout extensions farther from your home is also a good idea to keep water from getting into your basement.