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Mills Fleet Farm Coming to Mankato

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The city of Mankato is gaining another large retail store.

Starting this spring, this snow filled field south of Menards and north of Highway 14 will be a construction site for this.

An over one hundred and eighty-three thousand square foot, Mills Fleet Farm.

John Considine of Greater Mankato Growth says, "We're very excited about it. It's just another testament of a growing regional economy."

The land has been owned by Mills for years now, but not until this year was it known a store would be going up.

Paul Vogel works for the city of Mankato in community development and says, "This was not really confirmed with the city until about a month ago."

With this store coming in, current plans show there's room for more.

Vogel says, "There's also 6 other parcels on the site that are unidentified on what they'll be developed for but they'll be available for additional commercial development."

Considine says, "So that will be fantastic for our expansion in the future."

Other amenities include a store-owned carwash and gas station.

Vogel says, "It looks like people in our market area have been going to other Mills Fleet Farms in other communities, so the convenience factor and also the factor that it will increase our tax base."

With 34 stores in the upper Midwest, Mills Fleet Farm has a strong agriculture presence. A presence that's expected to be welcomed with open arms here.

Considine says, "As a agricultural epicenter that we have already in the MSA. So having them come in and provide that niche I think is fantastic and I think it will compliment the other businesses in the area."

The project has yet to get approval from the planning commission and city council, but ground is planned to be broken sometime this spring.