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Search Continues For Missing Plane

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The US Navy sent a second warship - The USS Kidd - to join more than 70 other ships and planes from at least a dozen nations scouring the expanded search area in the South China Sea.

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman / Director General for Dept. of Civil Aviation says,  "We will be intensifying our efforts to locate the missing aircraft."

US Intelligence agencies are trying to help identify two passengers who boarded the flight with one way tickets and stolen passports. So far officials haven't found any credible ties to terrorism...though nothing has been ruled out.
It's the lack of information compounding fears and frustrations...

Sarah Bajc / Girlfriend of missing passenger says, "You know people all over the news are talking about people being already dead. Everybody's completely just stopped paying attention to the act that there actually could still be survivors."

Sarah Bajc is the girlfriend of IBM executive Philip Wood -  one of three Americans onboard the Boeing 777 that left the Kuala Lumpur airport bound for Beijing. Bajc and Wood were about to move to Malaysia.

Bajc says, "How could fate have allowed him to come into my life only to take him away again?"
Some floating debris and oil turned out not to be from the airliner.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger / CBS Aviation Consultant says, "Once the recorders are found ...I think they likely will be found because the gulf of Thailand is much shallower than the deep waters of the south Atlantic...then we'll begin to know more."

Experts say whatever happened to the Malaysia Airlines jet at 35,000 feet - likely happened fast.
The plane was inspected just days before the flight and was found to be in good condition.