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A Seven-Year Old Saves Home

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KASOTA, Minn. -

It was situation that could have been tragic if not for the quick thinking of a child.

Earlier this year, a basement fire broke out at a Le Sueur County home. And what happened next is considered textbook by many.

Meet Adam Timm.

He's not even ten, but hIs family says his level of intuition goes beyond his years.

Beth Timm says, "It saved his life, it saved his grandparent's life so all the learning and all the training that proves that it was worthwhile."

A worthwhile time that was put to the test back on January 23rd.

Rosie Timm, Adams grandmother says, "It was a cold day, Adam got to stay home from school that day."

After enjoying the weather for a bit, Adam and Rosie decided to come back in and warm up. That's when grandma decided to turn on their gas fire place in what once was a finished basement.

"Adam Timm, a seven-year-old boy was laying right over here watching a movie when he smelled something strange.

Rosie Timm says, "He was down there about an hour or so and pretty soon he came up and said, 'Grandma, it smells really funny downstairs. We could of lost the house, we might of lost it anyway had he not been so prompt because it's amazing how in 20 minutes that fire spread."

Kasota, Cleveland and Le Sueur fire departments all responded to the home. The basement has been considered a total loss, but Timm's mother is just happy everyone is safe thanks to her son's efforts.

Beth Timm, Adam's mother says, "First thing was, where is Adam? We both just drove as fast we could out here to make sure he was okay and he was, safe and warm."

Now Adam says he shares his story with his friends and has an award from the Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office to show off.

Adam Timm says, "This award I got from the Sheriff, I got it on Monday."

He also has a message about fire safety to help other kids in similar situations.

Adam Timm says, "Go tell your mom, dad, grandpa and grandma or aunt or uncle and get out of the house."

Rosie Timm says, "Adam did everything he should have done, I'm so proud of him, he saved my house."

The fire caused about 40, 000 dollars in damage, but the bigger issue is everyone made it out okay.