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UPDATE: Trace Hafner Makes Court Appearance in Drug Case

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The 17-year-old boyfriend of a Mankato teenager who died of a possible drug overdose made his first appearance in court this morning.

Trace Hafner is charged with selling drugs to someone under the age of 18. Hafner is facing a felony third degree drug sale charge.And according to the juvenile petition, one of the pills containing the drugs he bought, he then sold to 17–year–old Chloe Moses, who died March 10.

On March 11, one day after Chloe's death, Hafner and his parents went to the Mankato Department of Public Safety and according to the court documents, Trace said he bought two pills from another juvenile for $40 cash.

The documents go on to say that Hafner allegedly said one of the pills he bought was for Chloe who paid him $20 for the pill.

Blue Earth County Assistant Attorney Casey Hardy says, "Anytime you're talking about the death of a young person it's very sad, for anyone involved, but particularly when the person being prosecuted is a friend of the young lady who died. From our perspective right now this is charged out as a third degree substance charge and that's how we're proceeding."

Court documents say Hafner was with Moses the night she had a bad reaction to the pills, which authorities say could have factored into her death.

Assistant Public Defender Richard Hillsheim says, "It's difficult for him no matter what. It's an extremely tragic event and someone he deeply cared for is dead. So he's having to deal with that situation as a very young man himself."

During today's hearing, the court agreed to release Hafner into the custody of his parents under conditions until his next court appearance.

Hillesheim says, "It's a very tragic situation and we hope that something good can come out of it and no more young lives are lost."

The Blue Earth County Attorney's office says it is hard to estimate a possible sentence for Hafner if convicted because it varies widely in juvenile cases.

Hafner is charged as a juvenile, but because he is 17 his information is public.His next court appearance, where he will either accept or deny the charges, is yet to be scheduled.