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Bison proposed for Minneopa State Park

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In the near future bison could soon roam in an area state park.

A plan is currently in the works to bring several of the animals to Minneopa State Park.

"We think people will be really excited at the prospect of having such a wonderful animal here at Minneopa," said Alex Watson of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
What the DNR is referring to is a herd of bison. The possibility of bringing the creatures to Minneopa is being looked at right now.
"We're hoping that this would really increase the visitation, we're not really sure how much it would," said Watson.
And the Department of Natural Resources says the bison plan for Minneopa is two-fold.
"Our primary goal of having the herd is to conserve a unique strain of bison genetics that we have with another herd that we have, that we the DNR at Blue Mound State Park in coordination with the Minnesota Zoo," Watson said.
A public review and comment period on the bison plan is scheduled for next month.

The DNR says anywhere from a dozen to 50 bison are being proposed for the park.

Ultimately, the DNR commissioner would have to sign off on the plan as well.