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Movie Theater in Fairmont Set to Reopen

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After nearly two and a half years the theater in Fairmont is prepared to reopen tonight. And residents and nearby restaurant owners say they looking forward to what it brings back to the community.

Movie theater popcorn anyone? All those familiar treats are coming back to Fairmont. 

Angela Gilmore says, "We're happy about it. We're very excited, we need a theater back here for the kids and for the families to be able to go to."

When theaters moved to digital screening, the cost was too much for the theater in Fairmont to stay open.But after nearly two and a half years of waiting, the shows will once again go on.

Bob Wallace says, "It's quite an addition to our community and we know that they had issues initially: cameras that had to be digital, well now there's options to lease the equipment so it's a lot more affordable." 

Tim Wittmus says, "It's a very good thing, I have two daughters and they are very excited, and she's actually going this evening."

And even though it's been a while, the nostalgia of going to a theater hasn't stopped for many residents.

Gilmore says, "I like the big screen, I like everybody being there, enjoying it together, seeing people's reactions." 

Arlyce Wittmus says, "Well I like the movies, you know so you don't have to watch all the crazy commercials, you know, they're all fine and dandy but we like a good movie."

Wallace says, "Plus you need that popcorn with all the butter on it."