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Guidelines Developed For Frac Sand Mining

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The State of Minnesota has finalized guidelines for frac-sand mining that will aid communities dealing with the issue going forward. 
In what's being called a toolbox for frac sand standards, Minnesota's Environmental Quality Board released its guidelines for frac sand mining, after intense pressure city and environmentalist groups that question the practice.

The measure falls short of what those that oppose sand mining wanted, namely a way to specifically ban the practice in their jurisdiction.

Instead it helps guide the municipalities through the process, and requires the companies that want to mine to pay for their consulting costs.
The issues mentioned in the guidelines like air quality, are already covered in the various forms of environmental studies that must be done ahead of time, so they're really just a way to make cities feel more at ease with the process.

It wasn't all perfect for the industry either. While Jordan Sands won't be specifically affected by the guidelines, they worry future projects could come under what they consider undue scrutiny because of how the guidelines are laid out.

A 15-member board run through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is still in the rule-making process for regulating the industry.