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MNsure Deadline Approaching

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The deadline to sign up for health insurance through MNsureis quickly approaching.

With ten days left to enroll, places in Mankato are offering help.

With just a little over a week left to sign up for healthinsurance through the online marketplace, MNsure, help is available for you toget enrolled by March 31st.

Chief operations officer at Open Door Health Center, Jen Theneman says, "There continues to be people that are notaware of MNsure, or the deadline or any of those things, so we're just tryingto educate people as much as we can."

At Open Door Health Center in Mankato, they're ready for allyour questions.

Theneman, "We do have some enrollment specialists onstaff that will sit down with people and help them understand the options thatmay be available to them based on their history and income levels and walk themthrough the options."

The same goes for Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC) with afree enrollment event scheduled for next Friday.

MVAC Housing director, Judd Schultz says, "There'll be just a very shortpresentation on MNsure. Then, computers will be available, people can come in,sit down and start the enrollment process. It's important to note thatthe people have to do that entry themselves. We cannot sit and just enter itfor them."

Theneman says, "We try to make our patients and otherpeople in the community aware of the impending deadline. It has been a really busy week and we anticipate the same until the deadline."

Schultz says, "Health insurance is there for areason, we just want to make sure that people are taking advantage of that. Weencourage people to at least get online and check it out and they can do thatfrom home. But if they would like someone to sit with them and help themthrough it, call us and schedule a time and we'll be able to do that."

MVAC will host one next Friday from 9 am to 4 pm in itsconference room in Mankato.

Open Door Health Center will be at MSU's Centennial Unionnext Wednesday the 26th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help you.