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Hunger Protest In New Richland

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New Richland, MN -

In 2012 more than 8,500 people per day used a food shelf in Minnesota.

That's according to Minnesota Food Share.

And today a small group of folks in Southern Minnesota came together to protest hunger.

This was the crowd that took over a restaurant's parking lot in New Richland.

People dressed up as hippies to emulate the various protests that took place during the 1960's and 70's.

But today was differentThose in attendance were drawing attention to a world-wide issue... that being hunger.

Larry Goehring, Area Food Shelf of New Richland president says, "It's important because we need to feed America. We have a lot of individuals in America that don't have enough food."

Sharon Eckart, Area Food Shelf of New Richland board member says, "We are out here today to make people aware of hunger."

And their goal with the protest....

Goehring says, "Inspire individuals to give to the food shelf so that we have enough funds and food and what we need to have for the families that utilize our food shelf."

Eckart says, "We want people to realize that by giving to their local food shelves, they can help stop a lot of hunger."

Those who came out to protest also have a bigger message...not just for Minnesota, but for the whole country.

Goehring says, "You don't throw food away, it's a waste on the millions of pounds of food that are thrown away each year in America, we need to figure out what we can do to put that food to good use for those individuals that need extra food."

The hunger protestors were out from eleven this morning until one in the afternoon.