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GM CEO Continues Testimony on Capitol Hill

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GM's CEO returned to Capitol Hill to face more questions about the company's faulty ignition switches and the ten year delay in recalling more than 2 millions cars.

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors says, "I agree it too way too long for this to come to attention and to do the recall and we have admitted that and apologized. It is tragic that there have been lives lost."

Senators are getting their chance to question Mary Barra today. The long-time GM employee was not in charge when the problems surfaced with the Chevy Cobalt and other small cars. She says GM will not shrink from its responsibilities. At least 13 deaths are linked to the switches.

Barra says, "My leadership team and I will do whaever is necessary to ensure this does not happen again. We will hold ourselves accountable."

GM has launched an independent investigation but new information is already emerging about who knew what and when.

CBS News obtained an email that shows multiple GM executives, including Lori Queen, the vehicle line executive in charge of the Cobalt, knew an ignition switch could have been fixed 9 years ago.

Family members of victims are outraged that GM waited so long to take action. They want more than an apology and some are demanding the automaker to pull all Cobalt's off the road for good.

G-M may be considering ways to compensate victims.

The company announced it hired attorney Kenneth Feinberg...who created compensation plans for victims of 9-11, the Boston Marathon Bombing and the B-P oil spill.