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Earthquake Rocks Chile, Tsunami Fears Rise

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A deadly earthquake destroyed homes and businesses and rattled nerves in northern Chile.

At least six people are dead.

Some residents of northern Chile had their cameras rolling the moment the 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit.

A surveillance camera at a pharmacy shows shoppers running for cover as items are knocked from shelves.

Out in the streets, people ran for safety.

Sirens blared, warning residents to evacuate. Hundreds of homes and businesses are destroyed. Crumbling walls crushed several people.

The quake triggered a tsunami that pounded the shore with six to ten foot waves that damaged boats.

The shaking damaged an airport and caused fires that destroyed several businesses.

During the chaos, 300 inmates escaped from a women's prison.

Chile is one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. Several smaller quakes hit the country in recent weeks, and seismologists say the threat of a larger one still looms.

Mark Simons, Seismologist says, "We expect another 8 point 8, 8 point 9 earthquake in the future. It could be tomorrow, it could be 50 year. We don't know, but the key point here is this earthquake is not the large one we were expecting."

Chile's president declared a state of emergency, and deployed hundreds of police and solider's to prevent looting.

Authorities in Hawaii issued a tsunami advisory after the quake, warning residents to stay out of the ocean.