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Georgian Woman Swims with Hands and Feet Bound Together

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Georgian swimming champion Anna Lominadze on Thursday (April 3) showed off her training in a unique discipline - swimming with her hands in cuffs and her feet bound by chains - as she trains to take on a much longer challenge.

The 19-year-old from Tbilisi who holds championships in Georgia and Azerbaijan and a Guinness World Record for crossing the Dardanelles Straits with her hands and legs bound, swims in an ancient Georgian military-training style known in the country as "Hands and feet bound Colchian".
She demonstrated the style for journalists and fans, crossing the pool in just under 22 seconds, the time to beat for future Guinness Record seekers.

Lominadze said she was inspired by the similar swim of her coach Professor Henry Kuprashvili, who was the first man who managed to cross the Straits 10 years ago.
Kuprashvili, who heads the Georgian Federation of National Swimming Style, is convinced the "Hands and feet bound Colchian," style swimming, which imitates the movement of dolphins, is not only a part of tradition he is working hard to reintroduce, but is also good for human spine and health in general.