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Shovels and Snowblowers Get an April Workout

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That's where we're going to start off this midday.

Several area schools got a delayed start this morning due tosnow covered roads and poor visibility.

We went out to get some reaction of this early April snowfalland as you can imagine, the general consensus of the crowd wasn't in favor ofwinter coming back.

Dustin Runkle says, "Holy cow. We had a little taste ofspring and now this."

Like many of us, Dustin Runkle spent his morning blowing snowout of his driveway.

But unlike many of us, Runkle didn't mind it too much.

Runkle says, "I wouldn't say I'm sick of it, but I am aMinnesotan. We're used to getting this, not necessarily every year, howeverthat little taste of spring does make me want it to come."

And we just might have to wait a few more days for thatsunshine to come on back.

Vinny DeSutter says, "It's way too long, that's forsure. It started early and hasn't quit yet. It's just getting way too long.It's time for 60 and 70...75 would be nice."

It would be nice, but until then, we'll just have to wait itout.

DeSutter says, "Just be patient. It will go away. Justgive it time, mother nature will take it away."