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Fire Runs Along Ditch of Railroad Near Kiester

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Three volunteer fire departments responded to a grass firenear Kiester tonight.

Flames broke out around 6 P.M.

The blaze began about a mile south east of Kiester in theditch next to railroad tracks.

Crews say that just before 6 o'clock a train went throughtown leading firefighters to believe the clashing metal from the train may havecreated sparks causing the fire to start in the dry grass.

Kiester's fire department was the first on the scene, but itwasn't long until help was called for by the nearby town of Walters and thenBricelyn.

Over a miles worth of dry ditch grass is now ash.

Firefighters say no one was injured and that no area homeswere damaged.

Kiester, Walters, and Bricelyn volunteer fire departmentshad the fire out just after 8 P.M.

Afterwards crews were making sure allhot spots were out so the flames wouldn't build back up.