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3D Technology Helps Patients At Houston Hospital

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It's no movie.

The technology being used inside an operating room at Methodist Hospital is similar in concept to how you see some of your favorite films.

"Once we started using this 3D platform about two weeks ago, I don't think we can go back to regular two dimension surgery," says Dr. Eric Haas.

It's the latest in 3D endoscopic surgery being used in this case to remove cancerous lesions and tissue from the colon. The entire surgical team wears lightweight 3d glasses while watching television monitors to increase depth perception.

While the glasses may look cool the technology is really in the scope with its 100 degree flex, 3D, HD camera chip in the tip. It gives surgeons a view like they've never seen before."

It defines the tissues very precisely," says Dr. Haas. 

"It allows us to do other parts of the procedure that would be extremely challenging.  Allows us to do these safer with better visualization."

And with a much smaller incision. Just one to two inches.

"This port allows all the instruments and the camera to go through the same small incision."

For the patient it all means less time in the operating room and a speedy recovery.

"Surgeons in other fields are ready and want to use this and are coming into the operating room seeing what we're doing and they're eager to get started."

They just want a glimpse at the main feature... And the future of endoscopic medicine.