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Iowa Governor Releases 2013 Tax Return

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Gov. Terry Branstad is releasing his tax returns, something he's done every year he's served as governor to promote transparency.

Gov. Terry Branstad earned $234,907 and is paying $28,298 in federal taxes for 2013.

The governor and his wife, Chris, are paying $6,235 in state taxes.

Branstad's governor salary totaled just over $127,000. He also earned more than $54,000 from the state's retirement pension fund from earlier service as governor, lieutenant governor and legislator.

Additional income of $22,000 is from capital gains earned on business investments.

He also received $35,000 from an IRA following an uncle's death.

His Democratic opponent, Sen. Jack Hatch, released documents Tuesday showing income of $468,591 from real estate development businesses and his state salary.