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MSU Players Refusal to Practice Hinders Hoffner's Return

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Head football coach Todd Hoffner was looking forward to returning to MSU for his first day of practice.

But things quickly turned sour for the newly reinstated coach as nearly all the players refused to suit up and practice with Hoffner at the helm.

Hoffner says, "I think it's going to be tremendous, very refreshing for me to be back in a situation that I should not have been removed from."

That feeling was what Coach Hoffner had hoped for as he prepared to return to campus once again. 

Kevin Buisman says, "We welcomed Todd back, we were excited about the news. We're happy to have him coming back as head coach."

Hoffner says, "I love football it will be fun to be out there."

But when practice was supposed to begin, it soon became clear the players were not willing to go along with the plan. 

Samuel Thompson says, "As a united we have decided not to practice because of the coaching situation. Again, we want Aaron Keen as head coach."

The triumphant return that everyone expected today appears to have been put on hold.

But something Hoffner said earlier in the day appears to be even more poignant now.

Hoffner says, "As a head football coach you'll always have lots of different challenges throughout the journey and you know how we handle things will determine what kind of people we are."