The MSU football players and coaches met for nearly two hours behind closed doors to address the head coaching situation.

And after talking to one of the players, he says the team and coaches are now united.

Darius Clare says, "We're going to move forward with Todd Hoffner as head coach."

And while this is a different message from the statement made by the players before practice less than a day before, Clare says yesterday's message was taken out of context after Hoffner's decision caught many of them by surprise.

Clare says, "The main reason we didn't practice it wasn't charges or disrespect, being an innocent man that he is. It was more about we wanted our voice heard."

Clare says the main thing they wanted a say in was who the head coach would be and wanted coaches to know how they felt.

And according to Clare a senior tight end, today's meeting helped bring everyone together.

Clare says, "He's the head coach now and we're gonna play for him. We're gonna play for the other coaches. We're gonna play for each other."

And while an official statement from the players is expected at this afternoon's press conference, Clare says he was pleased with how the meeting went."

Clare says, "I'm feeling good and I can speak for a lot of the guys. We're ready to play football, we came here to get an education while playing football and that's what we want to do."

There is no practice scheduled for today, but Clare says everyone plans on being at practice tomorrow.

After the players and coaches met, athletic director Kevin Buisman met with Hoffner and the other coaches.