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Minnesota Cold Weather Rule Expires

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In Southern Minnesota 1,922 homes are considered in crisis according to the Minnesota Valley Action Council, that's three times as many compared to last year.

The cold weather rule was in effect from October 15th through April 15th, and for those protected by the rule, time is up.

If you haven't made a payment plan and had a past due balance on the 15th of this month, your service could be shut off.

Judd Schultz, MVAC Housing Services Director says, "We have had a lot of crisis households this year and its sort of the perfect storm. We've had a long cold winter; we've had high energy prices. It's just really been creating a strain on people. They've been trying to keep their homes heated, the prices have been really high and it's starting to catch up with them."

According to MVAC there are still some funds left.

Anyone who needs assistance is asked to call 1-800-657-3710.