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One Dead After A Canoe Capsized On Madison Lake

One Dead After A Canoe Capsized On Madison Lake

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One person is dead after a drowning last night on Madison Lake.

The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office says two people were in a canoe when it capsized.

At 11:05 last night, officials responded to an emergency call about a capsized canoe on Madison Lake.

David Karge, Lieutenant for the Blue Earth County Sheriff's office, says, "Two guys who were at the Boat Landing Bar in Madison Lake decided to canoe to an area by Point Pleasant Campground and didn't make it. Their canoe capsized and went under and neither of them was wearing a life jacket."

Authorities say 30–year–old Michael Grissom of Madison Lake was able to swim to shore where he called for help.

The other occupant, 39–year–old Rahmondo Moore of Madison Lake, did not make it to shore.

The incident is still under investigation, but it is currently believed Moore drowned after falling into the cold water.

Karge says, "The water right now is about 44 degrees which is very cold and people don't understand that once you hit the water that the first instinct you want to do is take a big breathe of air and a lot of times that's followed up by water."

Several agencies responded to the call after the canoe capsized.

Kevin Johnson, a Madison Lake resident, says, "There were spotlights and people out there in boats and shining flashlights and then a little later on we noticed people walking along the shoreline holding flashlights in a line where it's probably five feet deep or so."

The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office says Moore's body was discovered at approximately 1:55 this morning.

A news release says neither victim was wearing a life–jacket and no life–jackets were found at the scene.

Karge says, "It's the law to wear your floatation devices when you are canoeing or have it in the boat at least."

Authorities believe alcohol was a factor in this incident.