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Security Measures Examined After Boy Stowaway on Plane

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San Jose, CA -

Security at the San Jose airport in California is being examined after a 16 year old boy managed to board a plane as a stowaway.

He was not detected until the flight landed in Hawaii. Authorities say the boy is lucky to be alive.

The FBI says the boy hopped a fence in San Jose, hid in the cramped wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines jet, and survived a five and half hour flight at 38,000 feet in subzero temperatures.

Authorities say the teen was unconscious for most of the flight because of a lack of oxygen.

Aviation Expert Peter Forman says, “Usually, they would not survive for hours on end up there so it boggles the mind.”

The boy has been released to child protective services and has not been charged with any crimes.

The boy told police he ran away after having an argument with his family.