A New Ulm man makes his latest court appearance on marijuana charges. Jon Hansen and his lawyer say they'd like the state to recognize not only the medical use, but allow for growing the product as well.

Calvin Johnson says, "A question that I ask and I pose to the court is what happens if George

Washington moved next to you, if George Washington grew hemp, cannabis, marijuana whatever you want to call it."

Using the past as a reference, attorney Calvin  Johnson says his client, Jon Hansen of New Ulm, was wronged when on Feb. 1  police arrested him for growing marijuana plants in his home.

Johnson says, "We allege and are asking the court to find that we have a right to grow this crop."

A right to not only grow, but to also use marijuana for medical purposes.

And while the state will argue that Hansen did not have a permit to grow marijuana, Hansen and his lawyer Calvin Johnson say that among their arguments, is the right to be left alone.

Johnson says, "The difficulty that I have is why are we giving law enforcement power over our medical decisions?"

The attorney representing the state declined to go on camera. But  according to court documents, Hansen is being charged with two counts of possession and two counts of sale of a controlled substance.

And for Johnson and his clients, the hope of looking to the past, to find answers for the future.

Johnson says, "We can ask the court to do the right thing, that is to recognize that marijuana has always been legalized then all of a sudden we jump to the front line in terms of its applications for its farmers and growers."

Hansen is scheduled to appear in court again in June.