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Meat Prices At Record Levels

Meat Prices At Record Levels

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The start of summer is just around the corner, and that means, so is grilling season. But the next time you stop at the local grocery store or meat market, you may find the prices are higher than ever.

Beef. It's normally what's for dinner.

But due to a persistent drought and a severe winter, beef prices are the highest in 30 years.

Ryan Schmidt says, "Not a lot we can do about it. We don't want to change our recipe because customers know what they've come to expect."

But that doesn't mean consumers won't feel a pinch the next time they load up on meat.

Dave Preisler says, "If you look at it from a revenue standpoint for farmers, pig prices are up 48% from a year ago, retail prices are only up 12%."

And while the next time you stop at your local meat market, such as Schmidt's here in Nicollet, you may see a higher price, owners say that hasn't stopped people from coming in, because after all, Minnesotans still love to grill.

Schmidt says, "Fortunately we've still been very busy."

And it's not just beef prices, pork and chicken are seeing an increase as well.
Pork has been affected by a deadly virus that has killed millions of pigs over the last year.
But thankfully for meat markets like Schmidt's, they haven't had to change the product they serve.

Schmidt says, "We are just trying to hang on and adjust our prices accordingly."

Hanging on as the grilling season heats up.