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Boiler violation found at Springfield Public Schools

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SPRINGFIELD, Minn. - A violation with the boiler system was noted at Springfield Public Schools one day after the facility was evacuated.

According to documents obtained by KEYC News 12, the violation consisted of 'insufficient air for combustion.' A boiler inspector found a make–up air fan was off.

The State didn't fine or sanction the school and says that the boiler systems were not experiencing incomplete combustion.

Back on February 6th, the school was evacuated for suspected carbon–monoxide poisoning, but officials say no carbon monoxide was found in the building afterwards.

The Minnesota Department of Health told KEYC News 12 after the incident that what happened at the school is characteristic of a psychogenic illness. That's when people get sick after seeing others become ill.

In a letter to KEYC News 12 earlier this month, Springfield Public Schools superintendent Keith Kottke said " a school community we have moved on and are focusing our efforts on educating children."