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Siren Malfunction In Mankato

Siren Malfunction In Mankato

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Tip callers alerted KEYC News 12 that civil defense sirens were going off around 8:00 a.m. in the City of Mankato, but it turns out there was just a malfunction.

While the city maintains the sirens in the community, it is normally activated by the Sheriff's Department at the Blue Earth County Justice Center.

The city is working to repair the system as quickly as possible.

Chief Deputy Mike Maurer with Blue Earth County says, "We don't want people to get false alarms or not take the sirens seriously. They are the emergency system notification that we have in place and we want people to be prepared when they hear the siren to get inside and turn to their local media to find out why the siren is going off."

This week is severe weather week and the tornado practice drills were tested just yesterday.