KEYC - New Ulm School District piloting new faculty-evaluation system

New Ulm School District piloting new faculty-evaluation system

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NEW ULM, Minn. -
The New Ulm School District is testing a new system for evaluating teachers.
That model is in the pilot stages right now, and New Ulm Public Schools is testing all the components of it. The Minnesota Department of Education says New Ulm is one of 18 districts piloting the new system.
"This model now is more about professional development and growth," said Jeff Bertrang, New Ulm Public Schools superintendent.
Bertrang says the new model is more objective. It also involves more review perspectives, as opposed to just one evaluator of a faculty member.
"I think the teachers are having a better understanding of what we call the rubric--what's expected of them," Bertrang said. "You know what are the defining categories to see where they should be at and how to get to the next level. So they'll actually have an objective look at that. It's not just one person now. There's multiple points coming to this to make it a summative evaluation."
And aside from a few hiccups related to learning software with this new program, the superintendent says this new model is improving classrooms.
"That's the whole goal is to get kids better," Bertrang said. "If we get teachers who understand what they're doing, to grow themselves, they get better, the kids have a big payoff."
Officials say the new evaluation model will become mandatory for all districts in Minnesota starting next school year.