KEYC - St. James School Participates in 'Turnaround Arts' Program

St. James School Participates in 'Turnaround Arts' Program

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A few years ago, Northside elementary school in St. James was ranked as one of the lowest performing schools in the nation, but it's taking huge strikes to change that.

The school was chosen to participate in a program run by the department of education called Turnaround Arts.

The program focuses on incorporating all of the arts back in the classrooms to increase student achievement and learning.

Northside elementary principal, Karla Beck says, "Our kids are excited, the culture and climate is better. Our test scores are up, our kids are thinking and talking and are engaged. And, something's happening and this is just one more thing that's going to happen and I know it's going to work." 

Northside is one of four other schools in the state to participate. Thirty five schools are involved in total.

The school will be involved for the next two years and will also work closely with a celebrity artist who will visit a few times throughout the program.

Northside doesn't know who they'll be paired with, but big names include Elton John, Josh Groban, Marc Anthony and Yo-Yo Ma.