Over a thousand people will be coming together in Sleepy Eye tomorrow to remember Kaylie and Tyler Hadley.

24–year-old Kaylie Hogue died of a seizure June 5th of last year.

Her mother, Deborah Hadley, organized a 5K to raise awareness for epilepsy, an idea that meant the world to her.

Well before the race day, her son, 20-year-old Tyler Hadley died in a car accident and that put her 5K on a slightly different path.

Deb Hadley says, "It's a color run, so all the runners will come back with color and it will be really uplifting and fun and exciting."

A color run that will also recognize three other young men.

The same accident that killed her son, claimed the lives of John Mangen, Payton Adams, and Caleb Quesenberry.

Hadley says, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

That serenity prayer is an important phrase for Deb Hadley.

Hadley says, "Kaylie really lived her life by that prayer and it meant so much to her. After she passed, Tyler got it tattooed on his chest. So it really became important."

It's that saying that's going on the back of the shirts that a thousand people will be wearing at tomorrow's event.

Tony Martinez, one of Tyler's close friends says, "I just wish he could have grown up with me, but I will always cherish him in memories."

Hadley says, "I was really sick for a long it's hard to figure this world out and wonder why things happen."

But the strength of everyone coming together is what keeps her going."

Hadley says, "I feel like it's a family coming together because it's not a one man show at all."

Kaylie and Tyler's mom wants people to know that you don't have to run or walk to be a part of the event.

Live music, a silent auction, and food will be shared throughout the evening.

Also attending tomorrow's event:  University of Minnesota's football coach Coach Jerry Kill, who's become an advocate for epilepsy awareness after a very public battle with the disorder.

Proceeds are going to four different organizations. The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, Sleepy Eye's St. Mary's, Sleepy Eye Public School, and Martin County West High School.

Tomorrows color run starts at 5:45 p.m.