KEYC - Alden Cleans Up Storm Damage in Time for Summer Celebration

Alden Cleans Up Storm Damage in Time for Summer Celebration

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After getting hit twice by severe weather, the city of Alden is spending its time picking up what's been scattered by storms.

For the past two nights, storms have rolled through several small cities. Tearing through towns like Alden, whose annual celebration is just days away.

Strong winds, harsh rains and hail are why Alden streets are littered with debris and these once tall, sturdy trees are now lying on their sides.

Rural Alden resident, Kelly Skov says, "People are doing some extra work today, that's for sure."

Especially the owner of Lakeside Auto.

Kevin Schewe says,"About three thirty, quarter to four in the morning I got a phone call telling me my roof was laying in the middle of Highway 109."

Wasting no time, the day was spent putting on new tin for the shop before more rain comes tonight and before this weekend's city wide celebration that seems to attract more than just people each year.

Skov says, "We're preparing for MoMorinake days, Which is a fun, exciting time and we're ready for this to be done."

Schewe says, "It seems like the last few years we've had tornadoes through here and the hail storm last year."

Skov says, "It's just been a rough pattern for this area it seems."

Schewe says, "We may have to change Morin Lake days to a different title."

After spending two days cleaning everything up, residents hope these next forecasted storms ease up on them a bit.